Why Feminism Is Never The Answer

Why do Christians fall into the trap of believing that an ideology promoting female superiority is a legitimate answer to the “gender war”? That a man-made solution will address the spiritual problems of the human heart?   A Cheap Substitute Feminism can never put a stop to sex trafficking, because it cannot stop greed, loneliness, … Continue reading Why Feminism Is Never The Answer

Wives of Witchcraft and Idolatry?

Is it really that big of a deal when wives don’t submit to their husbands? Why don’t you get off the topic and quit harping away at it, Christiana? Isn’t this majoring in the minors? Women should all just study comforting devotionals and gender-neutral passages of Scripture and not focus so much on the ones … Continue reading Wives of Witchcraft and Idolatry?