Talking About Things That Matter

I grew up in a Christian home, but didn’t grow up in church culture.That statement begs explanation (we did attend church, even organized home churches at times), but would take a post of its own to fully expand upon.All I really mean by this is that until I was an adult, I’d largely neither experienced … Continue reading Talking About Things That Matter

Do We Vilify the Excellent Wife and Mother?

Pinterest wars.  Facebook wars.  Health food vs. budget wars.  Mommy wars.  Wife wars. Child-rearing-philosophy wars.  Moms-with-fit-bods vs. moms-with-not-so-fit-bods wars. Among all these, a theme emerges. We as human beings sure love making ourselves feel better, don't we? Don't we love to justify absolutely everything about ourselves, even if it means ridiculing others? And we certainly … Continue reading Do We Vilify the Excellent Wife and Mother?