Sit With Him In Silence

Everything about modern culture shuns silence. Everywhere there is noise. Music, traffic, conversation, bright lights, advertising, the tyranny of the go-go-go that most people allow to become their lifestyles. It’s all noise. None of that is inherently wrong. Some of it’s even necessary, and good— like the constant chatter of little ones. But without regular, … Continue reading Sit With Him In Silence

Why Feminism Is Never The Answer

Why do Christians fall into the trap of believing that an ideology promoting female superiority is a legitimate answer to the “gender war”? That a man-made solution will address the spiritual problems of the human heart?   A Cheap Substitute Feminism can never put a stop to sex trafficking, because it cannot stop greed, loneliness, … Continue reading Why Feminism Is Never The Answer

Wives of Witchcraft and Idolatry?

Is it really that big of a deal when wives don’t submit to their husbands? Why don’t you get off the topic and quit harping away at it, Christiana? Isn’t this majoring in the minors? Women should all just study comforting devotionals and gender-neutral passages of Scripture and not focus so much on the ones … Continue reading Wives of Witchcraft and Idolatry?

Is Feminism Without, Or Within?

The impact feminism has had on our understanding and interpretation of Biblical womanhood has been devastating. Our perspectives are flipped upside-down, rather than merely skewed– and that has affected our marriages, families, the church, and our nation. Years of deep historical research and learning has only shown me that its fundamental aims are far worse … Continue reading Is Feminism Without, Or Within?

Parents, We Influence Our Children’s Future Marriages Today

If truly Biblical marriage roles were being better taught from the pulpits and in homes, I cannot help but wonder if Christian women would take much more seriously the decision of whom they marry. So many parents understandably lament that their young daughters choose men who are lazy, addicted, morally bankrupt, exceptionally immature, or don’t … Continue reading Parents, We Influence Our Children’s Future Marriages Today

What Is God’s Love Language?

Many couples are into “love languages,” and even those who aren’t familiar with the term tend to be familiar with the concept: knowing what speaks love specifically to your spouse. Some people feel most loved through quality time or conversation, others by acts of service, others by thoughtful gifts, others through physical touch, and still … Continue reading What Is God’s Love Language?

A Call To God’s Women On Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day. If you browse social media for a little while, it will be impossible not to observe masses of women applauding themselves with cries of, “Me! Me! Look at ME! I am awesome! I am amazing!” In the spirit of the builders of Babel: “We will build a monument to our … Continue reading A Call To God’s Women On Women’s Day

Talking About Things That Matter

I grew up in a Christian home, but didn’t grow up in church culture.That statement begs explanation (we did attend church, even organized home churches at times), but would take a post of its own to fully expand upon.All I really mean by this is that until I was an adult, I’d largely neither experienced … Continue reading Talking About Things That Matter

Do We Vilify the Excellent Wife and Mother?

Pinterest wars.  Facebook wars.  Health food vs. budget wars.  Mommy wars.  Wife wars. Child-rearing-philosophy wars.  Moms-with-fit-bods vs. moms-with-not-so-fit-bods wars. Among all these, a theme emerges. We as human beings sure love making ourselves feel better, don't we? Don't we love to justify absolutely everything about ourselves, even if it means ridiculing others? And we certainly … Continue reading Do We Vilify the Excellent Wife and Mother?

It All Begins With The Heart

“For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments. And His commandments are not burdensome.”1 John 5:3A new year.There’s something hopeful about that, isn’t there?It hasn’t happened yet. It’s fresh. It has the feel of second chances; of wiping a slate clean; of turning over a new leaf. Starting over. There it … Continue reading It All Begins With The Heart